metal sculpture by Tipton Metalworks, Oregon

About the Artist
Mark Tipton ~ Metal Sculpturist

Welcome and thanks for visiting Tipton Metal Works. As early as I can remember, my introduction to all things art was via a schoolmate in elementary school. Back then Northwest wildlife artist Roger Witter was holding art shows at our grade school, displaying the most impressive drawings I had ever seen done by anyone.... yet alone a 7th grader. After watching Roger draw, win contests and hold showings~ I wanted to learn how to draw. It started easy enough by drawing everything seen or imagined. Then it became habit. Like an addict, I would hit my parents up for new art supplies every birthday and Christmas. I took every art class I could through high school (some classes twice) and then, as a teacher's assistant (a third time!).

A career in the Arts did not serve my immediate needs as well as learning a trade that paid by the hour. I received a certificate in Industrial Technology and Welding. As I sharpened my welding and fabricator skills in a millwright trade - I also began to mix the art student lurking inside with the skills of a tradesman. The barriers came down the day a salesman stopped by our fabrication shop to demo a plasma cutter. It opened the floodgates to my creativity because here was a tool that allowed me to illustrate as if I were holding a pencil~ only not onto paper but the open canvas of metal. Suffice it to say that my mind has not rested since.


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