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ELEGANT art that shows your style. WHIMSICAL art that let's your mind play. ART that sets your soul soaring. ORIGINAL art that endures with grace. TIPTON is fine art for your home.

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metal sculpture by Tipton Metalworks, Oregon

The Soul of Metal Art
Mark Tipton ~ Metal Sculpturist

We live in an era where you can purchase imported ornamental art at any dollar store.  But is that what we REALLY want?  Perhaps our pocket books are happy but does mass produced art have any SOUL?

Art elevates.  I feel it when in the midst of creating each piece.  It starts with a sketch and then that idea gets transferred to my metal media. My artwork is real; crafted and shaped by hand.  Every cut, weld and grind is done to evoke the story being told with the piece.  To me, that is what art is all about; the telling of a story.

I often walk with customers to see where the finished art will be placed, making certain to work with the environment and decor.  Listening to what the customer wants and then imagining it in my mind is a HUGE part of why I love doing this.  Please feel free to call and inquire about the kind of art YOU want to embellish your home or workplace.  I would love to tell a story through your ornamental, structural or metal garden art.

New Designs ~ in the Gallery

Smalls series in galleries now. Smalls series in galleries now

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